My Best Banana Bread

Banana Bread

Guys, I think I’m addicted… To banana bread! So are my grandparents, by the way. Yesterday, I came back from visiting my grandparents in France. They wanted to live a bit healthier, but they still wanted to treat themselves. I decided to help them and I baked my favourite banana bread. They absolutely loved it! […]

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Berlin’s best restaurants/ coffee shops

Silo Coffee Berlin

Well hello there 🙂 I actually wanted to write a berlin ‘travel diary’ and just tell you guys about what I did when I visited my brother, but when I started writing it I came to the conclusion that the only interesting things I wanted to talk about were coffee shops and restaurants. That’s why […]

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Smoothie bowl: Magic Mango x Amazing Açaí

Smoothiebowl Mango/Acai Recipe

Hello dear friends! Hope you’ve all had an amazing weekend! My weekend included a lot of guilty pleasures, so I decided to kick off this week with a fresh and healthy start! Açaí bowls are the perfect mix between a delicious breakfast smoothie and ice cream. It makes you full and satisfied for hours. Topped […]

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My favourite ‘healthy’ pecan cranberry cookies with dates

Hi guys, I hope y’all are craving for some tasty ass cookies, because if you are, this is the place to be. The best thing? They’re guilt-free! Today is all about cranberry cookies. So, a little while ago, my sisters were in town again (YAY!). We really wanted to bake -and eat- something real good. […]

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