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Silo Coffee Berlin

Berlin’s best restaurants/ coffee shops

Well hello there 🙂

I actually wanted to write a berlin ‘travel diary’ and just tell you guys about what I did when I visited my brother, but when I started writing it I came to the conclusion that the only interesting things I wanted to talk about were coffee shops and restaurants. That’s why today, I am telling you about a few of my favourite places to drink/ eat something in Berlin!

So, a few weeks ago, I went to Berlin to visit my brother. He had studied at the TU Berlin for 6 months and the time was almost up. I already went to Berlin a few years ago, at Christmas. Because of that we didn’t go to all the hotspots and ‘important’ things to see when you go to Berlin. My brother showed me Berlin from the inside, and it was amazing. We went to those places you only know when you live there, do you know what I mean? Well let me tell you, I am gonna tell you exactly where you should go when you’re in Berlin for a few days.

Here we go:

Silo Coffee
Silo Coffee is a coffee shop in Friedrichshain, which is a neighbourhood in Berlin. It is owned by Australian people, and it’s extremely popular. The shop itself isn’t very big but very stylish. You’ll probably have to wait a while for a table, because we had too. The people working there were very nice and chilled out and we could even order before we even had a table, so that when we did get a table, we didn’t have to wait very long until our food came. Speaking of the food, it was amazing. The menu was not that large but it had enough to choose from, you could even build your own toast. Which means you can choose what’s ON the toast, you don’t actually BUILD the toast, by the way ;). Conclusion: Totally worth it, go check it out.

Café 93 (pronounced neun-drei)
Another a coffee shop you should check out is Café 93. My brother was obsessed with this coffee shop (not only because it was near his apartment, the coffee was indeed also very good). He went here so much that even the waiters knew what he wanted to drink – I hope that proves how much he came there ;). They have all kinds of treats and home-made pastries, which are delicious. Every day they have different things to choose from, but it doesn’t really matter anyway because they all taste amazing. They have healthy choices as well as guilty-pleasures. They have a lot of smoothies as well. The vibe in the place itself is again very chilled. The people are very friendly and it is a little bit modern-ish, although it’s also still sorta rustic (not sure if that the right word haha).

House of Small Wonder
Time for brekkie? Go to House of Small Wonder. It’s a little restaurant hidden away behind the Friedrichstadt-Palast. This is probably the most beautiful restaurant for breakfast I’ve ever been to. It’s decorated with loads of plants and it has an Asian vibe to it. You can also have lunch here, but we went there for breakfast. You’ll never guess what I had – it was a croissant, but as FRENCH TOAST. Yep, you read that right. French toast. Man, that was delicious! I promise you, if you don’t know this place, you won’t find it. That’s because we did know this place but we still couldn’t find it. U-huh.

An einem Sonntag im August
This is a bar/ restaurant in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. We only had a drink in here but you can also have dinner. It was pretty cool because we sat on some sort of stand (if you know what I mean). It was kinda like stairs made from wood with cushions on it. You might think that’s weird and uncomfortable but it was really nice and well-thought because it gives people way more room to sit and have a drink. They have a variety of cocktails and drinks, but as I said you can also order some food. About the food, I can’t say a lot because I didn’t eat anything there, we were just having a drink. But it looked good ;).

Scotch & Sofa
Scotch & Sofa is also a bar, and also placed in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. I love the name of this place, and the name really comes back in the bar itself. It is furnished with loads of different sofas and chairs. All different kinds. You can get cocktails as well as your regular drinks, but I do recommend getting a cocktail, of course. Don’t forget, you can also get ya scotch, as the name says. You should check it out, it’s so cool!

At our first day, we went to Umami. It’s an Asian Fusion restaurant, and highly appreciated. You really get what you pay for, or as my brother likes to say: it’s very good value for money.
We ordered several small dishes, to share. I must say, I personally don’t really like the Asian kitchen, but it did look really good. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it J. There was an area in the restaurant where was one big table, and people were sitting on cushions on the ground. On the other side of the restaurant there were just tables with regular seats. It was really cool.

La Buvette
As you can probably tell, this is a French place. La Buvette is a French restaurant which is yet again placed in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Even the owners are French. You might think, why would I go to a French restaurant when I’m on a trip in Germany? And I get that, but I do not regret going to this restaurant. Again, it was quite rustic but in a whole different way than House of Small Wonder. It’s just very French. On the wall, there was a chalkboard with the dishes written on it. Not to forget, the quality of the food was really good.

I hope that if you are ever in Berlin, you will take the time to visit these places. I really enjoyed going here and you will definitely too!

And last but not least, because I could not not put it in this blogpost, I got some pictures from street art in RAW-Gelände. This place was just too cool.RAW-Gelände Berlin

RAW-Gelände Berlin

RAW-Gelände Berlin

That’s it! Thanks you so much for reading, I hope you liked this post and I’ll see you next time!!

Bye ❤